For several years now, Pacific Funding Mortgage Division has taken pride in being known as “Home of the 25 Day Close.” A big part of the reason that we can close in a timely manner is because of our in-house fulfillment. Unlike most mortgage companies, we are a one-stop shop that includes having our own in-house disclosure, underwriting, processing, doc prep, and funding team.

To help give an idea of our timeline, here’s a breakdown of our milestones from start to finish:

  1. Day 1 – Start the process
  2. Day 4 – Disclosing & qualification completed
  3. Day 5 – Credit package validation completed
  4. Day 7 – Submitted to underwriting completed
  5. Day 9 – Approved with conditions completed
  6. Day 16 – Resubmit for review completed
  7. Day 18 – Underwriting clear to close completed
  8. Day 19 – Internal audit completed
  9. Day 21 – Docs ordered completed
  10. Day 23 – Docs reviewed completed
  11. Day 24 – Funding
  12. Day 25 – Recording

Find out more on our 25 day closing process that takes place at Pacific Funding Mortgage Division by emailing us at Interested in having a mortgage loan officer contact you? Go online to and apply directly from the website using the “Apply Now” button.