About Us

Unlike 9 out of 10 mortgage bankers, we withstood the ups and downs of the economy and the 2008 recession given the strength of our people and culture. Through our commitment to the highest levels of integrity and teamwork, we continue to deliver excellence to everyone we serve by becoming experts in everything we do.

Core Convictions

There is a singular, strategic Core Competency that is central to delivering our competitive advantage – We become experts in everything we do.

Unwavering Integrity

We are honest, open, fair and always deliver on our commitments.

Experts in All We Do

We consistently strive to be the best advisors and experts in our industry.

Excellence for Everyone

We treat all customers with the same equally high level of service and support.

High Trust Teamwork

We work together to deliver extraordinary results.

Meet Our Founder

Mike Moeller, Founder and President

Raised in Santa Clarita, CA for most of his life, Mike understands the importance of sticking to one’s roots, as well as establishing life-long, professional relationships. As a young adult, Mike worked for almost a decade as an administrative manager for a Fortune 500 company, and then left in pursuit of professional independence.

He began his mortgage industry career in 1991 as a loan officer for a mortgage banker in Valencia. In 1995, after gaining experience and becoming a top producer, Mike decided to open Pacific Funding Mortgage Division.

Pacific Funding Mortgage Division welcomes professionals who are committed to believe in our company mission. It is a place to grow and prosper; a place where time coupled with integrity, persistence, and knowledge results in constant growth for all.

Why Choose Us?

By choosing Pacific Funding Mortgage Division as your lender, you will experience the highest level of customer service, enthusiasm, and most importantly, communication.

  • We have loan officers who are independent-minded leaders and professionals in their practice.

  • We are a valuable resource to our network of real estate professionals.

  • We work faster and more efficiently than larger banks.

  • We treat every customer as unique in order to create the perfect-fitting mortgage.

  • We focus on creating clients for life.