Homes are the most expensive asset and can cost a lot to protect. There is no easy answer to the question about how much homeowners insurance is.

The simple answer depends on the situation. The type and amount of deductions vary depending on the homeowner’s credit and claims.

Insurance Type and Purchase Amount

There are some basic things we need to understand about homeowners insurance that affects its cost. There are three basic types of coverages available to you.

Actual Cash Value: Contains structure and content based on the current value, not the amount paid.

Replacement Cost: Includes structure and content based on cost.

Warranty or Extended Replacement Cost: Rebuilding or replacement costs based on current prices are included up to a certain percentage.

The cost of insurance depends on the amount you insured in your home, liabilities, and other factors. Many people are insured and especially need it to satisfy their mortgage lenders requirements. Make sure you don’ go with minimal coverage, get preapproval to get the most accurate quote here.

Home owner Insurance Costs

According to data from the National Association of Insurance Supervisors, insurance premiums across the country increased by 3.3 between 2017 and 2018. This is the latest data available.

According to a report published in January 2021, insurance premiums tend to rise in densely populated areas. The cost and value of the property are often more expensive. The same is true for areas popular with retirees and travelers. Since southern California is a disaster-prone area you may be expected to pay an extra fee. When finding out about a policy, your loan officer will need:

-Residential address.

-Pre-inspection report.

-Pre-insurance information.

-Loan requirements.

-Anyone living in the home including pets.

While the amount and type of coverage is the biggest determinant of price, there are many other factors. The condition of the home is important. Is it maintained? How old is it? What material did you use? What is the condition of the roof?

Oftentimes, insurance companies will look at the likelihood that a homeowner will file a claim. Weighing the amount of risk attached to each client should they fail to make payment. If you had filed multiple claims in the past years, the rates may go up, and the home may not be covered under insurance. In some states, a homeowner’s credit history affects rates.

Another reason to take into consideration is its location. How close is the nearest fire hydrant? How about being close to the fire or police station? How dry is the area surrounding your home? Charges near or within and crime rates in that area can also make a difference in rates.

Since you are working to reduce your premiums, make sure that you have enough liability insurance. Don’t want to get into some unexpected legal issues or replace something expensive and not have the money! If you don’t have enough coverage, it’s a good idea to add liability insurance because courts can track your assets.

More Than Just Price

While getting a great deal on your home insurance along with your mortgage is important, do consider more than just the price. Right now homes are getting hundreds of bids, above the asking price as well!! There’s a desire to throw yourself under whatever terms just to get a home. you’ll of course need to consider a few things such as are they actually licensed in your state, how are their testimonials, and have a history of fulfilling all their housing claims. Pacific Funding Mortgage Division has been serving the Santa Clarita Valley for the past 25 years! Let us help you on the first step of your home-owning journey. Start your pre-approval here to get ahead of the bidding war!